Why come to KidzCove?

We have a wide variety of Play activities including activity toys, sensory toys & much more for your child to have endless fun with... We are designed solely for babies and Toddlers, this ensures no BIG children running round bumping little ones over, allowing adults to enjoy, interact and watch their children play happily in a secure and safe environment. 

Our setting is similar to a nursery which offers our children the choice of a variety of play activities and a  chance to play with other children of similar ages. 

Baby Area - Under 1's


Our Messy Play Area is a great area for the children to colour in and puzzle play. We have two Pirate 'Sand' Ships for the children to sit in and makes lots of sand castles. 🏰 Giant Lego Building Blocks for the children to build lots of different shapes and possibly build Our Lego House.


Sand Area

Solely designed for Babies under 1.s. We have lots of baby toys, playmats, jumparoos and activity tables. We also have lots of visual displays, with a range of colours and changing lights and animal sounds playing in this area. This area has many features for babies to see and lots of lights plus soothing effects on the ceiling area for small babies lying down to watch and enjoy. 

Messy Play & Blocks


Within our Sensory room we have lot of colourful changing lights, optic fibres, bubbles lamps with moving fish, playmate for babies, row of bubble lamps, a wide screen projector with a variety of different films, as well as, our Story Corner. We also have a baby pool pit with optic fibre light for little ones to enjoy. 

Sensory Room 


Story Corner

Our Story Corner is situated within our Sensory room. It offers adults and children an chance to sit, read and talk about all the different story books. We have a wide variety of books available. 


Toddler Area - Over 1's

This area is designed for our Toddlers. We allow only children up to the age of 5 years old to ensure a safe and an enjoyable time at KidzCove. Within this area we have Horse Hoppers, climbing frame, a Ball Pit, Bouncy Castle, Caterpillar and climbing stairs. Due to the age of the children all children must be supervised at all times.


We have So much imagination play in this area! 😊 we have sectioned areas of cars, animals, kitchen area with lots of accessories, hoovers, prams, dolls beds and kitchen table. There is area for adults to sit to watch their little ones play or join in!

Home Corner