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We have many emails daily and it may take a little longer than usual to answer your queries. We will answer within 48 hours of emailing.

If your inquiry is related to having to book before you come to our centre? At present, there is NO booking system, and you are free to come anytime, (opening times are in the HOME tab) but we ask for a  customers to adhere to our 2-hour stay, unless we are quiet, in this case, we allow customers to stay a little longer

 Thank you 😊 

Ways to Contact Us

Ringing Phone

* Do you offer Discount for Childminders? - Unfortunately we cannot offer discount for childminders.

* Do we need to book before we attend?  - No. We offer a Walk-in Service and a 2 hour play. We are setting up an online booking for just 5 tables, this allows customers who come from far to pre-book. This does not effect the rest of the centre and still allows most people to attend anytime. 

* Are COVID-19 rules still in place? - Yes, we ask all customers who visit to respect and follow our guidelines given to us by the Government, We also ask customers to understand some customers are exempt from wearing Masks therefore we cannot force them to wear one.

* Can I bring my older children? - Yes, we just ask that parents are aware that they cannot play on or with any equipment. We have to respect others that have come to play at our centre specifically for this reason there are no older/bigger children about


For Party enquires please call us on 0151 345-4142. 

For general enquires please email us on kidzcoveplay@gmail.com

For Updates on Events please follow us on Instagram 

For more information About us, Changes or anything else please visit our website.

Please note: WE can be busy between 10-12pm and may not be able to answer calls within the centre. 

If you have any questions or concerns please email us on kidzcoveplay@gmail.com and we will reply within 48 hours. Thank you. 

This website is updated every month. 

We offer 2 hours stay & play and can be busy between the hours 10-2pm. There can be a wait for tables between these hours, but still allow you to come in and play.