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Following the new government guidelines, we have taken extra measures to ensure good hygiene practice and that we are all following the COVID-19 safety requirements within the centre, while the restrictions have now eased by the government, we want to ensure any spread is still minimised as mush as possible. 

We offer lots of hand sanitizing stations, in and around the centre and we ask customers to wear face coverings/mask  whenever possible. Regularly hand-washing or hand/sanitising children's hands while in the centre is also helpful. 

Regular Risk Assessments are carried out to ensure we are doing everything possible to help protect everyone who visits our centre, along with our Staff members, are safe from the spread of COVID-19. 

Sefton Council's Health & Safety Food Hygiene Officer visit us on 23/09/21 and gave us a 5 Star Standard. this can be found on our cafe menu page. 

We have lots of sign in and around our play centre and due to the nature of the business ask customers to ensure they are well and do not believe to be ill due to COVID-19. We ask if you have any family members in isolation to not attend our play centre for at least 10 days after. 😊

With restrictions being relaxed and the general public socialising again other illnesses and infections can arise. We ask customers to keep this in mind when visiting our play centre and ask customers not to attend if their child/children may unwell, to help minimise the spread within busy public places.   

We now use our own specialised disinfectant fog machine that is used after closing  1/2 times  a month to sanitise the air within the centre to help minimise the spread of COVID and other illnesses'.

Looking After Our Centre 

Our Health & Safety Policy for play areas-

Due to the Nature of our setup at KidzCove we regularly clean and sanitise our toys, play equipments, teddies, cars, animals and dressing up clothes. Toys are checked by staff at the end of each day for any breaks, cracks or general wear and tear. Toys can often become damaged throughout the day and we do our best to ensure these toys are removed safely and correctly. 

Our Ball Pit is checked at the end of each working day for broken or spilt balls. Toys are often taken into this area and we try to make adults aware of this when babies/toddlers are playing within the Ball Pit. 


We regularly disinfect and sanitise our toys, play equipment, cars, prams, walkers, etc to ensure cleanliness and good hygiene practise. We do this after closing time, to ensure a thorough and correct cleaning process. We now have a specialised, Industry recognised disinfecting Fog Machine, 

BALL PIT - Our Ball pit is emptied, cleaned and sanitised, along with the balls being cleaned with hot soapy water. This is carried out every 3-4 weeks. 

DRESSING UP CLOTHES - ALL out clothes are washed every week, along with teddies,  cloth play mats and teddies.


CARS/BIKES - cars and bikes are cleaned twice a week after closing hours.  

SAND AREA - We use Milton sanitising solution, once a month to help minimise the spread of infections and bacteria.


SENSORY ROOM - all teddies and covers are washed regularly, this room is cleaned out every Friday and we are creating a new 'Baby only' sensory corner for parents to take their babies into without older children.