Our Staff have temperature checks daily, change Disposable aprons regularly, along with gloves. They clean and sanitise their hands every 30 minutes. along with sanitising hands when using cash.


Following the new government guidelines, we have taken extra measures to ensure good hygiene practice and that we are all following the COVID-19 safety requirements within the centre.  

We offer lots of hand sanitizing stations, in and around the centre,

we ask customers to wear masks whenever they are not Dining

We ask customers to adhere to the 2m distance and do their

best to stay and socialise with their own bubble. 

We have our NHS QR code displayed within the Playcentre (by law) which customers can

scan and complete (via app ) the government form within the centre or scan before arriving and complete the form.  Download and Scan QR code. 

Regular Risk Assessments are carried out to ensure we are 

doing everything possible to help protect everyone who 

visits our centre, along with our Staff members, are safe

from the spread of COVID-19. 

We have lots of sign in and around our play centre and due to 

the nature of the business ask customers to ensure they are 

well and do not believe to be ill due to COVID-19. We ask if you 

have any family members in isolation to not attend our play 

centre for at least 10 days after. 😊