Please familiarise yourself with our 'Rules Of Play' whilst at KidzCove, alternatively you can read our 'Rules of Play in the About tab.

* Presents can be opened, however pleas keep Our toys, prams, cars etc within the play areas, no toys are allowed within the cafe area. 

* We do not allow any tables to be moved whilst at KidzCove and tables cannot be reserved.

* Please note, we are a small play centre and appreciate parents leaving prams, pushchairs and car seats within our foyer area. This area is inside our centre and is safe to leave prams. 

* We allow one small birthday cake but do ask if you would like to give out to supply your own napkins.

* We can play 'Happy Birthday' song for birthday child and can light candles for you. We may be busy at dinnertimes so ask parents to be aware of this when attending kidxCove for a party celebration. 

* No other foods can be bought into the centre other than baby food. 

* Please dispose of cake boxes, wrapping paper, cards correctly.

* We don't offer multiple offers for children. 

* All children must be paid for. 


Here at KidzCove we allow adults to attend with their children to celebrate Birthdays any day they would like to. We love Birthdays and would especially love for yourself and your little ones to join us and celebrate at KidzCove, we'll even give birthday boy/girl a little party hat, birthday sticker and a little treat on us.

If you are considering coming along to celebrate a birthday we do ask you read the following terms and conditions and are aware of what we can offer for you to ensure KidzCove is the right place for your party.

Please read our party rules below before attending KidzCove.