Rules of Play 

KidzCove has a strict age restriction policy; only children up to the age of 5 years old are allowed to play within the centre.


All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, over the age of 18, who is solely responsible for their child/children. Therefore parental supervision is required at all times.


Before children play on any equipment or with any of our toys, please ensure they have been the toilet and washed their hands.


Children who are unwell, or have been unwell, should not visit the centre for at least 48 hours. Children who become unwell whilst in the centre must leave immediately. Please make the staff aware if a child has played with any toys that has been unwell, this includes any dressing up clothes. 

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the cleanliness of our toys, they can often get dirty throughout the day. Please make our staff aware of this and we will ensure toys and any areas are cleaned and sanitise as soon as possible. 

Our Ball pit is checked at the end of each working day for damaged or broken balls, swell as toys, teddies etc that may have been taken into the ball pit. This often happens throughout the day and customers should notify a member of staff if this needs to be checked. 

All children (unless under 6 months old, who are free) must have an admission fee paid for them, (unless attending a birthday party).


Admission entitles children to unlimited play, however, during busy periods play is limited to 2 hours. Customers who stay longer than 3 hours will have to pay a full admission again.


Adults are not permitted to play on any equipment, such as the slide, bouncy castle, ball pit or push along cars. any damages incurred by adults /children will be asked to reimburse costs.


Whilst playing in our centre, we ask adults to remove their own shoes and their children’s shoes for Health & safety reasons. Socks must be Worn and area available for purchase. 


Only food and drinks purchased at KidzCove is allowed. (Except for baby food & drink.) We may ask customers to discard any food or drink brought into the centre.


Our baby area is designed for babies under the age of 1yr old: Our Toddler area is designed for children over the age of 1-5 yrs old.

KidzCove is not held responsible for customer’s personal belongings that are left unattended. No Bags or prams are allowed into the play areas. They must stay in the cafe area or prams/pushchairs and car seats can be left within our foyer area.

No toys, prams, bikes etc. allowed in café area. Children should remove dressing up clothes whilst eating or drinking.

No prams or bags are allowed in the Sensory room or Messy play room. We have a gate on our Messy play area to ensure children can not enter this area without a responsible adult. 


KidzCove practice a zero tolerance policy. This includes bullying, or any form of threatening or abusive behaviour, either towards children, parents and members of staff. Management reserves the right to instruct people to leave the centre.


CCTV is in operation for your safety and security whilst visiting KidzCove Playcentre.

KidzCove allows adults to take photographs solely of their own children and ask to respect others privacy.


Whilst every effort has been made and continues to be made to ensure the Health & Safety of all children, any accidents must be reported to a member of staff; it is then logged into our accident report file and aids our efforts to ensure the upmost safety at KidzCove. We cannot assist customers who inform us of any incident once they have left the centre. 

Please be aware we are NOT just a 'Soft Play' Centre, we have lots of toys and equipment such as cars, prams, pens, pencils, sand etc and often a child or children can hurt themselves, this is why it is paramount adult supervision is consistent whilst in and playing within the centre. 

Smoking is forbidden within the centre. No sharp objects are allowed into the play areas. 

We have a designated area within our cafe for customers with disabilities, wheelchairs and guide dogs. We may ask customers to move to another seating area to allow these customers the safest area within the centre. 


Within the play centre is a 'KidzCafe' this is a separate business to the play centre. When attending the cafe please inform any staff of allergies or intolerances

Thank you for your co-operation, and we hope you have an enjoyable time with us!